About Maral Company

Tejarat Gostar Maral Trading Company has been operating in the field of import, export and customs services since 2005 and in 2013 by registering the company with number 3412, it continued its activities professionally with an expert team, and to this day, credibility and satisfaction. Brought. During its activity, Tejarat Gostar Maral Company has the necessary experiences and capabilities in the field of fittings, plastics, furniture, wood, raw materials, fabrics, machines, etc. in trade with countries such as Turkey, China, Iraq, Ukraine. , Russia, Georgia, etc.

Tejarat Gostar Maral Company has not had any plaintiffs or lawsuits against it during its operation.

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Obtaining Customs Permits

One of the important steps in the customs clearance process is the licenses issued by other organizations and institutions, and customs clearance is not possible until these licenses are obtained. In case of goods in need of licensing, the period of stopping the goods in the customs places is increased due to the prolongation of the licensing process, the responsibility and additional costs imposed will not be borne by the customs or the licensing organization.

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Trade Consulting

Business consulting in the field of export and import of goods is a set of guidelines provided by Maral Tejarat consultants to facilitate business activities to traders, merchants and valued customers so that they can deal with international trade with full insight and knowledge. And achieve economic profitability in a short time.

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Cooperation and Participation

Cooperation and participation in the field of trade and commerce Please send us cooperation and participation offers through the contact form.

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Imports are one of the main areas of international trade and commerce. The need for experience and mastery of international trade laws in the import and export of goods has made activity in this field a specialized field. Having a license for all goods in the process of importing and exporting goods is a must that must be obtained from the relevant organizations. The issuance of these licenses will be different depending on the type of goods that have entered the country.

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A trade that intends to send goods produced in one region and supply them to markets in another region is called an export. Today, the term export refers to sending goods from one country to another. Exports need capital first and foremost. The amount of capital required to start exporting depends on the type of export you intend to make.

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Currency Remittance

Making all kinds of foreign exchange remittances in the shortest and safest time possible by Maral Trade experts.

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Marketing and Sales

Managing any business requires knowledge and awareness in various fields. In this regard, one of the most important tools that every manager needs to complete his business is to know the principles of marketing and sales. Marketing and sales and marketing with the creation of a marketing and sales network by Maral Trade experts.

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Transportation of your products and cargo to international destinations by Maral Trade by creating an extensive network of communication between truck drivers, owners of goods, companies and cargo handlers

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